Prof. Mr. R. KARTHI, RN,RM, M.SC(N), (PH.D (N)

 Professor cum Vice Principal & Head of the Department of MSN

        Medical Surgical Nursing is a Nursing specialty area to prepare with the highest kevels of competency to care for adults and children with medical surgical conditions. The subject is taught to DGNM, B.SC. Nursing (Basic), B.SC. Nursing (post basic) and M.Sc. Nursing students primarily. The faculty members use various modern and innovative teaching strategies like seminars, demonstrations, simulation, clinical presentations, conference, workshops, projects and discussions etc., which are of immense benefit.

         The department is organizing different skill training program according to the level of students. The department faculty are also actively involved in diverse and collaborative research projects.

“Nurse dispenses comfort, compassion and caring without even a prescription”. - Val Saintsbury