The College Discipline Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the college. The committee will ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful in the pursuant of educational objectives/goals in the college community.


  1. To provide guidance and proper orientation to students development rather than imposing punishments on them.
  2. To induce the development of intrinsic controls to personal behavior of the students rather than putting them under strict regulations.
  3. To aim that a liberal but disciplined atmosphere is to be created for the whole personal development of students.
  4. To hope that one perfects, who are trained as student leaders, will gain the experience and technique in people management.
  5. The primary objective is to address and effectively solve various student related matters.
  6. To maintain a balance between students demands/problems and feasibility of solution provided by authorities.
  7. To develop unity and integrity among students.
  8. To maintain discipline in the campus, class room as well as in the hospitals wherever the students are posted.
  9. To uptake measures for inappropriate behavior including progressive discipline comprising suspension and expulsion whenever necessary.


1 Prof.Porselvi Principal Chairperson
2 Prof.R.Karthi Vice Principal Secretary
3 Mrs. Jabaseeli Gladies Professor Member
4 Ms.Kalaimathi Student Member
5 Ms. Maheshwari Student Member
6 Mr.Sathish Kumar Student Member
7 Ms.Padamapriya HostelWarden Member