Promoting a strong relationship between the alumni and the college.

Strengthening bonds of fellowship and cooperation between the alumni.

Fostering the sense of loyalty among the alumni towards their college.

Helping the alumni to find job opportunities that befit their fields of specialization.

Holding training courses for the alumni to develop their skills and professional competence so as to be able to find good jobs.


Membership: - The Membership of the Association shall be open to all the ex- students of the College. For the purpose of this clause, any person who has studied for one full academic year at the College shall be considered and ex- student.

Subscription:- Life -Membership fee shall be Rs 500/- payable at the time of      admission.

* Termination of Membership: - The Governing Body shall have the power to expel a member from the Association by a no confidence motion passed by 2/3rd majority of members present and voting in General Body meeting. The reasons of termination from the membership shall be communicated to member concerned.
Appeal: - All the appeals should be referred to the General Body of the Association. The decision of the General Body shall be final.
Readmission: - Any member who is expelled by the General Body, can be re- admitted by the General Body.
Governing Body :- The Governing Body shall consist of the following office bearers and not more than nine executive members of which at least two must be woman members:-


Bank Account: - The bank account of the Association shall be operated   the Treasurer and anyone out of General Secretary and President.
General Body:- All the members of the Association will constitute the General Body.

9. Functions of the General Body:-

a)  To consider any business brought forward by the Governing Body.

b)  There shall be an annual meeting of the General Body preferably on the last Sunday of January every year.

c)  Not less than 15 days prior notice shall be given to the members before the date of General Body meetings enclosing the agenda specifying the time, date and place.

10. Sources of Income:-

i.  Admission fee.

ii.  Donations and Contributions.

The income of the Association received from all sources will b e utilized only for the promotion of its aim and objectives.

  1. Governing Body :- The meeting of the governing body shall be held as  and when necessary for which seven days clear notice will be required.
  2. Elections :- The General Body in its annual meeting will elect its President, officer bearers and members by secret ballot. Any member can be elected to any post except Treasurer who shall be a member of the Association and should also be a member of the college. The quorum of General Body and the governing body shall be 1/3rd. The Election proceedings of the Association will be submitted in the office of the Registrar of Societies, Villupuram, immediately after the elections.

13.  Functions of the Governing Body:-

a)  To arrange finance if required if required form bank(s), institutions or individuals on reasonable terms and conditions and the governing body as a whole shall be liable for its return.

b)  The Governing Body shall make plan for further programmes of the Association.

C) To publish literature and approach the public pertaining of  up liftment  of status of the Association.

d)  To appoint, terminate and fix duties of the staff.

e)  Governing Body shall meet ordinarily once in there months.

f)  To accept donations, charities, loan, grants, properties etc., from public, other Associations, Agencies, Government Department in the interest of the promotion of aims and objectives of the Association.

  1. MANAGEMENT OF FUNDS: - All the incomes of the Association shall be deposited in  nationalises or scheduled bank under RBI guideline.

15 (i) Register of Members: - The Association shall maintain at its Registered Office a register of its members and shall enter there in the following particulars:-

a) The names and addresses of members.

b) The date on which the member was admitted.

c) The date on which a member cease to be a member. 15(ii) Rights and  Privileges’ of the Members:-

Every Member

a)  Shall have one vote at every meeting.

b)  Shall be entitled to participate in the meetings of the General Body.

c)  Shall have right to inspect the books of accounts, minutes of proceedings of the General Body meeting by giving reasonable notice.

d)  Shall be bound by the rules and regulations and/or bye-laws which may be framed from time to time.

e)  To administer the oath of office and loyalty to the Association and its constitution.

15 (iii) Filing up casual vacancies:- The casual vacancies may be filled up by a resolution passed by the Governing Body till the election which will be held by the Association in its Annual General Body Meeting.

  1. Powers and duties of the officer bearers:-