DATE: 20.02.2019

VENUE: E.S.CON Auditorium

TOPIC: Building A Culture of Nursing Excellence


1ST state level   seminar was organized by Department of Medical Surgical Nursing on 20.02.2019 on the theme “Building A Culture of Nursing Excellence”. Dr. K. Renuka, Principal cum Dean, Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College was the chief guest of the seminar and Mrs.Kavipriya-Asst.Prof, Paul’s College of Nursing, Vanur was appointed as a observer by Tamilnadu Nurse and Midwives Council.

The inaugural session stared at 9.55 a.m by worshiping the God Almighty with a Prayer song. The Guest- Dr. K. Renuka, Principal cum Dean of KGNC, Deputy Registrar – Dr. Soundarajan ESSK Educational Charities, Principal-Prof.M.Porselvi ESCON, Observer-Mrs.Kavipriya, Asso.Prof, Pauls College of Nursing lighted the lamp. The gathering was welcomed by Mr. Karthi, Asso. Prof.,ESCON,

Principal-Prof.M.Porselvi ESCON revealed the theme “Building A Culture of Nursing Excellence” and stated about the culture, ICAR(Integrity, Compassionate, Acceptability, Respect) and informed the students to frame objectives to build a culture.

The chief guest Dr. K. Renuka, Principal cum Dean of  KGNC, Puducherry gave the chief guest address. The points addressed towards the gathering are as follows:

  • Nursing is a discipline profession and students have to maintain the discipline through the way of grooming which aims for excellence
  • 6 characteristics features to be followed for maintaining the culture are

1.Culture of excellence is achieved by following same vision, same goal by all nurses

2.Everybody should work together with purpose and drive

3.Leaders in nursing service should pool down all workers together

4. Resilience should be present to accept chances and challengence

5. Nurses should work as highly collaborated team

6. Nurses should have pioneer attitude(having attitude of impossible)

3 approaches

1. Have always mind set of excellence to taste the success

2. Strategies for success

3. Sustaining the success

Tips for building culture of excellence

1. Frame goal

2. Team building-Team spirit and collaboration

3. Thrust to excel

4. Loyality-Be truthful, have commitment

5. Creativity and innovative thoughts

6. Self analysis, peer analysis and interactive analysis

7. Open minded

8. Participative leadership

9. Having positive attitude

10. Think only about achieving success

Were excellently described by the chief guest and she also proudly quoted the resolution of the year 2019 taken by KGNC-“Award year of KGNC” in this connection the institution staffs and students striving to receive awards in all their participative centers.

The felicitation address was delivered by Deputy Registrar – Dr. Soundarajan ESSK Educational Charities, and in his speech he quoted nursing is a sacrificing profession and nurses are the doctor for the patients. He connected culture with organization using various authors definition.


09.15am to 09.50am Mr.Karthi-M.Sc(N)-Asso.prof, ESCON Mrs.Sathiyavathi-M.Sc(N)-Asst.Prof, ESCON Team approach-patient care Objectives, character, stages, principals and types of team in health care and also discussed about benefit of team approach to get satisfaction among patient
11.10am to 12.00pm Dr.Renuka.K-Ph.D(N),Principal cum Dean, KGNC Prof.Mrs.Porselvi-M.Sc(N)-Principal, ESCON Advancement in nursing care and nursing practice
  • Technological improvement
  • Need for advancement
  • Benefits
  • 30 areas of advancement in nursing practice
  • Advancement in nursing model
  • 3 concepts
  • 4 unidiversional flows
  • Challenges in advancement
  • Tips to overcome challenges
12.00pm to 12.45pm Dr.Rajkumar.S, MBBS, Chief Medical officer, Vikravandi Mr.Karthi-M.Sc(N)-Asso.prof, ESCON Factors leading to unsafe infection practice among health care providers
  • Hospital acquired infection
  • Risk endured in hospital
  • Types of injuries
  • Types of infection
  • unsafe practices
  • Vital statistics
  • factors leading to unsafe practice
  • Reporting
  • Standard precaution
01.45pm to 02.30pm Mr.Poovaragavan-M.Sc(N)-Asso.Prof, Vignesh Nursing College, Thiruvannamalai Mr.Karthi-M.Sc(N)-Asso.prof, ESCON Quality and safety education for nurses
  • Quality care
  • Safety
  • What is quality and safety education for nurses
  • Health care is not as safe as it could be
  • error
  • Objectives of QSEN
  • Overview
  • Competence
  • Interdependent QSEN competency model
  • Patient centered care
  • What familiar want
  • Dimensions centered care
  • EBP
  • Informatics
  • Role of Nurse in quality improvement
02.30pm to 03.15pm Mrs.Shyamala grace-M.Sc(N)-[Ph.D]-Asso.Prof, DSCON, Perambalur Mrs.Dhanalakshmi-M.Sc(N)-Asso.Prof,ESCON Health care communication
  • Communicate
  • Communicating health
  • Communication- Purpose, Process, types, levels and  Choice
  • Therapeutic vs non-therapeutic
  • Barriers 

  • Benefits
  • Ethics
  • Theories
03.40pm to 04.05pm Mrs.E.Getsy martina-M.Sc(N)-Asst.Prof, Al-Ameen CON, Thiruvannamalai Ms.Kumudhavalli-M.Sc(N)-Nursing Tutor, ESCON E-records
  • Electronic record
  • Examples-E-mail message, word processed documents, electronic spread sheets, Digital images, Databases,
  • Introduction of physical records
  • Creation of records
  • Storage,use and retrieval of records
  • Importance of E-Records
  • Preservation of E-Records
  • Evaluation progress
  • Helpful in decision marking


The Valedictory session was started at 04.10pm by distribution of certificates to the delegates. The delegates attended the seminar where from  

1. Frontier Life Line Hospital,Chennai

2. Miot International Hospital, Chennai

3. Metha Hospital, Chennai

4. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

5. Rangaboopathi College of Nursing,Gingee

6. Billroth Hospital, Chennai

7. Cauvery Hospital, Salem

8. Kalyan Hospital, Cuddalore

9. Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Nursing, Perambalur

Following the certificate distribution feedback was given by the delegates

1. Mr.Tamilvanan-Staff Nurse from Frontier Life Line Hospital,Chennai, said that he is proud to be student of ESCON

2. Ms.Sharadha Preetha-Staff Nurse from Miot International Hospital, Chennai, conveyed her gratitude for inviting and appreciated all the resource persons for their excellent presentation.

3. Ms.Innisaya-Staff Nurse from Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Expressed her gratitude for inviting and she reported the session was very useful to improve her carrier knowledge and specified special acknowledgement to Ms.Shiyamala Gracy, resource person for her attractive session.

Overall report was delivered by Mrs.Sathiyavathi-Asst.Prof, ESCON, in her report she documented the number of delegates who attended the seminar and pre test, post test analysis report. The details are as follows

1. Total 168 participants among which 118 delegates from outside, 27 ESCON delegates, 8 M.Sc(N) students and 15 P.B.B.Sc(N) students of ESCON

2. Pre and post test analysisp

S.NO Level of Knowledge Pre test result Post test result
1. Adequate Knowledge 17.25% 83.63%
2. Moderately adequate Knowledge 54.31% 16.27%
3. Inadequate knowledge 28.44% -

Mrs.Kavipriya-Asst.Prof, Paul’s College of Nursing, Vanur, Observer, TNMC gave feedback and specified the below listed points

1. Conveyed her gratitude to Mrs.Anni Grace Kalaimathy, Registrar, TNMC for providing the opportunity to be an observer and expressed her heartfelt thanks to Mrs.Latha abel, Principal, Paul’s College of Nursing, Vanur, for allowing to attended the seminar.

2. Expressed the whole package of seminar was in a simplified manner according to the level of delegates

3. Appreiciated the delegates for maintaining silence and attentiveness throughout the seminar and gave positive feedback towards physical arrangement team and maintaining time management.

4. Congratulated the Principal, Organizing committee, department for organizing the seminar in effective way.

The observer was honored by Principal-Prof.M.Porselvi, ESCON and the programme concluded at  4.40pm with national anthem.

Conference - CNE

3rd National Conference was organized by ESCON on "Infectious Diseases: Public Health Challenges on January 6th 2017 at Theivannai Ammal College for women, Villupuram. The emergence of life-threatening infections highlights the urgent need for efficient infection control practices in health care. Failure to apply infection control measures favors the spread of pathogens, and health-care settings can act as amplifiers of disease during outbreaks, with an impact on both hospital and community health. Breaches in infection control measures undermine every advance and investment in health care. keeping this in view ESCON organized National conference on "INFECTIOUS DISEASES: PUBLIC HEALTH CHALLENGES" that would serve as a base for nurses and other professional to have better understanding on infectious disease and develop a desirable attitude and skill to provide holistic care.


The colorful day was started with registration of participants. The delegates were welcomed by our hosts at the help desk at the entrance of the TACW. They were escorted to the respective registration counters allotted to them. There were 6 counters for institution from Tamilnadu and 3rd counter are arranged exclusively for the delegates from other states. Totally 498delegates (outside delegates 259 from 19 colleges and 23 hospitals & ESCON delegates including staff & students 231) registered themselves out of which 12 from Andhra Pradesh, 32 from Pondicherry and two from Karnataka, delegates were guided to the auditorium by the volunteers.7 Resource persons and one observer were present.


The event started with inaugural ceremony at 9.50am.The conference was anchored by ESCON.The dignitaries lighted the lamp. Dr. Hemamalini Principal of ESCON welcomed the gathering with her warm words of welcome.


The theme of the 3rd National Conference was unfolded by Mr. Krishnamoorthy-Asso. Professor., E.S.College of Nursing.


Dr. E. Soundarajan Deputy Registrar, ESSK Educational charities addressed the gathering by his inspiring the speech. In which he stated about monitoring patients holistic development, order of treatment. Nurses should act as a social worker, advocate of patients. Nursing is protection, promotion, elevation of suffering. He congratulated the team for the selection of topic.

Dr. Kasthuri Bai Dhanasekaran - Registrar, ESSK Educational charities. She discussed how to promote health sector. Considering the importance of health issues ESSK established nursing college to promote health there by promote Indian economy. Knowledge is acquisition (report), research (Creating knowledge), and conference (Knowledge dissemination). She also insisted to find out common diseases in our area and the reason and follow up measures to be taken by students. She motivated students to do case study, research, etc.


Mr. Senthilkumar, Secretary, E.S.College of Nursing.. Money alone cannot save life. Infection may cause death. He shared a memory of his uncle, surgery was success but due to development of infection led he expired. He encouraged students to take up PG course.. Government should promote nursing education to develop the country. Nursing students need to be updated with current knowledge.


Dr. P. Ganeshkumar., MBBS., MD Scientist C National institute of Epidemiology, Indian Council of medical research, Ayapakkam, Chennai.Any degree can be master when due amount of time is spent but nursing requires maximum time with patients, outcome of treatment. According to 1980 multiple data source proportion of population die due to common diseases. In 2015-2016 percentage of death due to non-communicable diseases was 54% and communicable 24%.Till date only one disease is eradicated that is small pox. India introduced immunization programme up to now India is polio free country. He concluded by stating by Prevention is better that cure and any profession needs teaching, service and research.

The inaugural section concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Mrs. Porselvi - Vice Principal.


  • Overview and magnitude of emerging infectious diseases was delivered by Dr.T.Sujatha .,M.Sc(N),PhD,Professor ,SRM university,Chennai.
  • Current top priority infectious disease, Dr.Padmavathy.,M.Sc(N),PhD,Vice Principal Madras Medical Mission, Chennai.
  • Early detection and surveillance of emerging infectious disease, Prof.Shandrila Immanuel, Professor ,College of nursing ,CMC, Vellore
  • Emerging infectious diseases Vulnerabilities and contributing factors, Dr.S.kanchana.,M.Sc(N),PhD,Principal ,Omayal Achi College Of Nursing ,Chennai.
  • Social and economic impact of infectious diseases, Mr. M. Navaneetha. M.Sc (N), PhD.Prof,college of nursing PIMS Pondicherry
  • Legal and Ethical aspects in Infection control, Dr. P. Sudha Rani M.Sc (N).,PhD,Principal I/c,College of Nursing, SVIMS, Tirupati.
  • Infectious diseases –assessing challenges and finding solutions, Prof.christy Megala M.Sc(N), Vice principal, ESIC College of nursing, Gulbarga, Karnataka
  • Emerging infectious diseases – nursing response, Dr. M. Hemamalini, Ph.D (N), Principal, ES College of Nursing.

Scientific Session

Simultaneously Scientific session was held between 11am to 12 pm .Dr.Sujatha M.Sc(N),PhD,Professor ,SRM university,Chennai and Prof.Porselvi Vice Principal was the moderator for the paper presentation.13 delegates participated. Dr.S.kanchana.,M.Sc(N),PhD,Principal ,Omayal Achi College Of Nursing ,and Dr.Padmavathy.,M.Sc(N),PhD,Vice Principal Madras Medical Mission, were the moderator for the Poster presentation. Totally 34 delegates participated.

The Valedictory session commenced at 6.30 PM memento with welcome note by Dr.Hemamalini Principal ESCON. Ms. Sathiyavathi Prof. from Sri Rangaboopathi college of Nursing, Gin gee in her report congratulated the team for selecting the topic. She also stated that Physical arrangement, seating, organization and hospitality were excellent. She requested the delegates to take home the informative messages given by the speakers. Prizes were given away for winners of paper presentation and poster presentation. Certificates were distributed to all the delegates.The Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof.M.Porselvi vice Principal. The 3rd National Conference ended successfully with National Anthem.