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Road safety awareness was organized on 18/11/2017 at ESCON auditorium by B.Sc(N) III Year students from 2.30 pm -4.30 pm .

CHIEF GUEST: Mr.Elenchezhiyan, Inspector and Mr.Balamurugan Sub-Inspector -Vikravandi
The beneficiaries of the programme :610 students.
The Programme was inaugurated by Mrs.Porselvi Vice principal

The following activities were conducted to the beneficiaries.

1. Ms.Vidyalakshmi B.Sc (N) III Year student welcomed the gatherings.

2. The chief guest were honored with mementos by Vice principal Mrs.Porselvi

3. Mime show regarding Road safety and Traffic rules was performed by the students.

4. The chief guest Mr.Elenchezhiyan, Inspector explained about various traffic rules and requested students to have a driving license while driving. Added to this he said students not to break traffic rules , Don’t use mobile phones while driving.

5. The students also performed drama on importance of helmet.

6. Ms.Kalaimathi Nursing tutor.delivered the vote of thanks. The programme ended at 4.30 pm .



The Students of E.S College of Nursing successfully conducted the school health programme Thumbur, Government primary school as co-curricular activities on 12.02.2018 under the guidance of our Principal Dr.M.Hemamalini &Vice Principal, Mrs.Porselvi. Totally 45 Students from B.Sc (Nursing) II Year participated in the programme .The programme was started at 9:30am. As a part of the programme the student’s monitored height & weight of the children, vital signs & anthropometric measurements. After assessment, we found that out of 76 children, 12 children having the problem of dental carries. The student’s given health education on “Food Hygiene” and protein rich black gram dhal was distributed. The student’s also demonstrated the steps of “Hand washing techniques”. The activity came to an end with the successful assessment of 76 school children’s at 12:30pm
Mr. Daniel Tamilselvan Department of Extracurricular activity and Mrs.Sharmila Assistant professor organized the activity.



DGNM-III year students conducted School Health Programme on 22.02.2018 at High school,mailam



No. of participants: - 200

Objective of the Awareness Programme: - The main objective of the program was to educate and motivate the Students to participate in various Dengue awareness programme organized by government sector


* Dr.M.Hemamalini, M.Sc(N), PhD, Principal of ESCON welcomed the Mr. Gajapathi entomologist inaugurated the programme.

* Chief guest in his speech Mr. Gajapathi appreciated our college students for participating in various healthcare activities in and around villupuram district.

* Followed by him Mr.Vinoth Block Medical Officer, explain the students about the differential diagnosis of dengue and its complications.

* The programme concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Mr.Krishnamoorthy Department of support service.


 dengue awareness programme

With the aim of combating the deadly disease Dengue, E.S College of Nursing organized a special programme on Dengue Awareness on 7/10/2017 at ESCON Auditorium.  

CHIEF GUEST: Mr.Moorthy Health Inspector. HMDI

No. of participants: - 500  

Objective of the Awareness Programme: - The main objective of the program was to educate Students  and faculty of ESCON  about Dengue- its prevention and control.

Contents of the Programme: - The programme content and coverage focused on

  • Video picture regarding lifecycle of aedis mosquito
  • Prevalence of Dengue in India
  • Types of Dengue - signs & symptoms of Dengue Fever, DHF and Dengue Shock Syndrome 
  • Vector & host of Dengue – type of mosquitoes; transmission of infection
  • Actions to be taken to prevent& control Dengue

The Dengue awareness programme started with invocation by IV year Nursing students, Mr.Prabhakaran B.Sc(N)-IV year welcomed the gathering. . Dr.M.Hemamalini, M.Sc(N), Ph.D, Principal of ESCON felicitated the Chief guest. In his speech Mr.Moorthy Health Inspector. HMDI emphasized upon the fact that “mosquitoes that transmit Dengue lay their eggs in small man-made containers filled with water, so

without individual household efforts to eradicate these breeding sites it is not possible to effectively control the spread of dengue. He also focussed on various preventive measures of mosquito breed . Adding to this he said Individual effort to control the mosquitoes is necessary to prevent and control the spread of dengue in the community. At the same time, community action can provide support to individuals to keep their households mosquito free.”.The programme concluded with vote of thanks proposed  by Mr.Krishnamoorthy Department of support service. As a part of this programme the students are provided with “Nilavembu Kasayam” prior to the event .The whole programme was organized by Community Nursing Department.