Road Safety Awareness Programme

Road safety awareness was organized  on 18/11/2017 at  ESCON auditorium by B.Sc(N) III Year students from 2.30 pm -4.30 pm .

 CHIEF GUEST: Mr.Elenchezhiyan, Inspector and Mr.Balamurugan Sub-Inspector -Vikravandi

 The beneficiaries of the programme :610 students.

 The Programme was inaugurated by Mrs.Porselvi Vice principal

 The following activities were conducted to the beneficiaries.

  1. Ms.Vidyalakshmi B.Sc (N) III Year student welcomed the gatherings.
  2. The chief guest were honored with mementos by Vice principal Mrs.Porselvi
  3. Mime show regarding Road safety and Traffic rules was performed by the students .
  4. The chief guest Mr.Elenchezhiyan, Inspector explained about various traffic rules and requested students to have a driving license while driving. Added to this he said students not to break traffic rules , Don’t use mobile phones while driving.
  5. The students also performed drama on importance of helmet.
  6. Ms.Kalaimathi Nursing tutor.delivered the vote of thanks. The programme ended at 4.30 pm 



    World Diabetes day was celebrated on 14/11/2017 at  primary health centre Thumbur by B.Sc(N) II Year students . The Programme was inaugurated by Dr.Anandavalli, M.D Block Medical  officer. World Diabetes day  theme “Women and Diabetes: Our right to healthy future was explained by Nursing Tutor Ms.Kalaimathi. Model presentation regarding Diagnosis of maternal diabetes was projected and  explained by the students . The students also  conducted free blood sugar screening and blood pressure check up for more than 50  people .Special exhibition  regarding diabetic  recipes  was organized by the students. The students also demonstrated diabetic foot care procedure to the beneficiaries.





      World Mental Health Day was celebrated on 10/10/2017 at ESCON  Auditorium  by Mental Health Nursing Department.

Time of the event: 3.30 pm -4.30 pm

Participants  of the programme : Faculty members, III Year B.Sc(N) students and DGNM II year students

Contents of the Programme: -

  1. Mr. Daniel Tamilselvan, Assistant Professor Welcomed the gatherings and revealed the theme of World Mental Health Day – “Mental health at workplace”
  2. Mr. Jayaprakash, HOD Department of Mental Health Nursing presented on the topic Mental health issues at workplace and ways to manage it.
  3. Dr. Hemamalini, Principal addressed the gathering with a special note that an individual should avoid Ego, Expectation and Negative thoughts to maintain his mental health.
  4.  Mrs. Kavitha, Lecturer delivered the vote of thanks. The programme ended at 4.30 pm 


THEME: Increasing Impact through Transparency,Accountability,and Partnerships.

      World Aids day was celebrated on 1/12/2017 at Block primary health centre Radhapuram by B.Sc(N) IV Year students .

CHIEF GUEST: Dr.Arumugam, M.D Block Medical  officer.

The beneficiaries of the programme :150

The Programme was inaugurated by Dr.Vijayababu , Medical  officer.

The following activities were conducted

  1. Ms.Sasikala  B.Sc (N) IV Year student welcomed the gatherings.
  2. World Aids day  theme “Increasing impact through transparency, accountability,  and partnerships was explained by Associate Professor Mr.Krishnamoorthy.
  3. Data was collected from participants for mini project. Video Film regarding AIDS and its management was projected and explained by the students .
  4. The students also performed sociodrama regarding AIDS and its prevention to the audience. for the people .
  5. The Chief Guest  Dr.Arumugam, in his speech explain about various treatment and services available in Government hospital for aids and HIV related infection.
  6. Ms.Rubasri B.Sc(N) IV Year student delivered the vote of thanks. The programme ended at 12.00 pm .



Report of World Malaria Day

World Malaria day celebration at E.S.College of Nursing, V.Salai on 24.04.2018.The programme started with prayer song by B.Sc (N) IV year students. Prof.Porselvi, Principal ESCON Welcomed the guest from Radhapuram BPHC health team Dr.Gajapathy DEO, Dr.Vinoth BMO, Mr.Krsishnan BHS, Mr.Udhaya Kumar, Health Inspector, Mr.Rajasekaran NMS & Mr.Arun Family Welfare Officer. Mr.Krishnamoorthy, Associate professor-Community Health Nursing Department introduced the theme of world malaria day is "Ready To Beat Malaria Death" and he quoted WHO report of 2017. Then the mike was switched over to DR. Vinoth BMO he admired the students activities of the E.S.College of nursing at Radhapuram Block Primary Health Center. He said Radhapuram block primary health center getting good name among villupuram district due to continuous students support, and he requested same support for the following years .He continued his class with slide presentation about malaria treatment strategy.

World Malaria day celebration at E.S.College of Nursing


He exposed the magnitude of the problem. India has reported large no of cases and death in Orissa in 1942. 75 million cases & 8, 00,000 deaths were reported in India at the same time in 2006 1.04 million cases and 890 deaths were reported. Since 2001 on wards no death due to malaria in Tamilnadu at the same time 7039975 cases were reported. Ramanathapuram is the more case was recorded in Tamilnadu

World Malaria day celebration at E.S.College of Nursing

Malaria death causes reduces the productivity of agriculture affect tourism and external investment. Malaria affecting the MMR & IMR due to during pregnancy causes severe anemia and hence higher risk of maternal death. Infants born of mothers with malaria are more like to have low birth weight. He taught about organism of malaria, life cycle, courses of natural infection of PY and PT and he taught about how to different malaria fever from other fevers and types and diagnosis of malaria. He introduced new model of treatment modality. Dr.Vinoth shared his field experience.He underlined the malaria eliminate strategy of 2017 to 2022.

World Malaria day celebration at E.S.College of Nursing

Dr. Gajapathy District Entomology Officer Villupuram visited the programme as a guest of speakers. He enumerated the species of malaria. He remembered the history of malaria. He stated that the period of Susurutha (father of surgery) day’s mosquito causes malaria. Malaria name derived Mal it means filthy malaria is filthy area disease. He highlighted the treatment modalities. He called the students to beat the malaria through IEC (Information education communication) and BCC (Behavioral Change Communication). IEC alone cannot bring changes in the community. He advised to student concentrate one or two village per year to implement IEC and BCC plan. Students are person to bring changes in the community and to achieve the theme of this year. Programme was ended by vote of thanks.