Department Of Community Health Nursing


Students will be able to apply and practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine at individual, family and community levels at both urban and rural settings and also they will be able to learn the role of nurse practitioners in various clinical community settings.


  • To understand the concept of health, disease and the factors influencing health and disease.
  • To identify the etiology, mode of transmission, prevention and control measures of various diseases prevalent in the community.
  • To appreciate the current trends and issues in the field of Community Health Nursing.
  • To describe health plans, policies, and national health programmes, and National Health Care delivery systems.
  • To assess the health problems of the individual, family and community as a whole.
  • To diagnose the needs and problems of the individual, family and community as a whole.
  • To demonstrate the skill in performing the nursing care procedures using bag technique.
  • To apply nursing process approach in caring the sick and healthy client at community setting.
  • To prescribe treatment modalities for minor ailments as per the standing order.
  • To practice Maternal and Child Health Nursing at health centers and community area.
  • To conduct and organize awareness programmes and health camps.
  • To collaborate with various NGOs in conducting health programmes.


  • Dr. Hemamalini, M.Sc.,(N) Ph.D Professor
  • Mr. D.Krishnamoorthy, M.Sc.,(N) Asso professor
  • Mrs. Sharmila M.Sc.,(N) Lecturer
  • Mrs. Vijayalakashmi B.Sc.,(N) Nursing Tutor
  • Mrs. Rama B.Sc., (N), Nursing Tutor
  • Ms. Aswini B.Sc., (N), Clinical Instructor


  • Attending all the Primary Health Centre activities.
  • Participatory in various national health programme.
  • Celebration of Significant Days:
  • Oct 8th : World Sight Day celebration in E.S. College Campus
  • Dec 1st : World Aids Day celebration in Veedur village
  • June 21st : Road safety week observation with GMR Varalakshmi foundation and Red Cross society
  • March 15th : World Consumer Day celebration in E.S. Auditorium
  • Organizing mass health education programme
  • Antenatal clinical and health education programme
  • Conducting school health programme