College timing: 9.30am to 4.30pm

  • Faculty should follow the hierarchy for channel of communication.
  • Faculty should co-ordinate
  • Faculty should be punctual and enter the class 5 minutes early to the class.
  • Mobile is strictly prohibited during the working hours.
  • Faculty should wear Apron while taking class.
  • Faculty should maintain dairy and report daily to HOD. HOD should give a weekly report to Principal.
  • Faculties should avoid taking unnecessary leave and maintain regularity for the smooth functioning of the institution
  • Leave can be availed after proper handing over of classes and responsibilities to the alternative staff and will be sanctioned by HOD and approved by principal.
  • Faculties should maintain the dignity of the profession
  • Faculties should involve themselves as a mentor for students in guiding, handling slow and advanced learners.
  • Faculty should maintain uniformity in handling student related matters and issues.
  • Faculty should maintain confidentiality in handling students’ information, files and registers.