The Principal Should

  • Strive for the development of the institution by acknowledging the interest of different areas of the institution
  • Follow the hierarchy for channel of communication.
  • Take efforts in fulfilling the vision, mission, philosophy of the institution
  • Conduct examinations in a fair way.
  • Maintain financial transparency in matters related to the institution
  • Take steps to develop standard professional behavior among the staff members
  • Encourage the faculties to organize and participate in seminars, workshops, symposium and conferences
  • Promote research activities and encourage scientific paper publications
  • Take efforts to maintain an appropriate educational climate and respect the fundamental rights of staffs and the students
  • Treat all staffs equally and avoid discrimination in relation to  favorism, religion, caste, political, economic, social and gender characteristics
  • Encourage extracurricular activities among the students to enhance self esteem and team co-operation
  • Take necessary steps to minimize/eradicate the incidence of sexual harassment or abuse.