Obstetrics & Gyneocology (Maternity) Nursing department aims to ensure quality education to the students, in order to provide comprehensive & holistic Nursing care to the mother and newborn including women with Gyneocological problems. The department aims towards excellence in clinical practice and strives to provide the students with various aspect of midwifery to become competent and caring midwives. We ensure effective and efficient services to our student community & enable them to function as educators, managers and researchers in the field of OBG Nursing. The students undergoing training in this specialty will be able to acquire overall skill to function as midwives focusing evidence based practice both in the Hospital and Community.


  • To know the normal progress of pregnancy and delivery and the common  
  • To know the effects of common medical problems on pregnancy and delivery
  • To gain knowledge of early pregnancy complications/high risk pregnancies including IUGR, advanced maternal age and chromosomal abnormalities
  • To know the indications for the use of fetal monitors.
  • To know the indications for episiotomy.
  • To have a current knowledge of indications for and side effects of analgesics or anesthetics in labour and delivery.
  • Be able to conduct a normal labour and vaginal delivery.
  • Be able to take appropriate action in the case of hemorrhage.
  • To undertake routine postpartum care and recognize the problems that may arise.