Department Of Mental Health Nursing


To develop adequate skill in care of patients with mental illness


To appreciate the trends and issues in the field of psychiatry and psychiatric nursing

  • To explain the dynamics of personality development and human behavior

  • To describe the concepts of psychobiology in mental disorders and its implication for psychiatry nursing

  • To demonstrate therapeutic communication skills

  • To apply nursing process approach in caring for patients with psychotic  and neurotic disorders

  • To describe the psychopharmacological agents, their effects and nurses role

  • To recognize the role of psychiatric nurse and recognize as a member of the psychiatric and mental health zone.


  • Mr.Jayaprakash, M.Sc(N), Asso. Professor

  • Ms. S. Kavitha, M.Sc.,(N), Lecturer

  • Ms. Tamilvani, B.Sc.,(N), Clinical Instructor

  • Ms Nandhini B.Sc.,(N), Clinical Instructor

  • Ms Poovitha B.Sc.,(N) Nursing tutor


  • Organization of Psychosocial drama at psychiatric institution & community settlement

  • Celebration of Significant events

  • Anti Drug Abuse Day - June 26

  • World Dementia Day - September 21

  • World Mental Health Day - October 12