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Department Of Medical Surgical Nursing


To prepare the under graduates to provide an Independent comprehensive , qualitative care to the sick and to assure responsibilities as staff nurse , Nurse educator & Nurse administrator in a clinical / educational settings.


  • Demonstrate skill in handling various equipments used to diagnose and treat the sick.

  • Utilize and apply the concepts, theories & principles of Nursing science.

  • Demonstrate advance competence in practice of Nursing.

  • Practice as a Nurse specialist.

  • Inculcate the leadership abilities & function effectively as a a Nurse Supervisor, educator & Manager.

  • Demonstrate skill in conducting Nursing research, integrating & utilizing the findings from health related research.

  • Demonstrate advance skills & competence in managing patients with disease.


  • Mr. Karthik. M.Sc(N). Asst.professor

  • Mrs. Sathyavathy.G.M.SC (N). Asst. Professor

  • Ms. Rajarajeswari ,B.Sc(N) Nursing Tutor

  • Mrs. N. B. Malliga, B.Sc., (N), Nursing Tutor

  • Mrs. Suganaya B.Sc., (N), Nursing Tutor


  • Participate in health related conference, workshop, seminar etc.,

  • Organize workshop, conference, seminar etc.,

  • Provide mass health education to the sick & Needy

  • Active participation in debate panel discussion & Role play

  • Observe the vital days such as world health days, No tobacco days, AIDS days, cancer day etc.,

  • Create as opportunity to the students to develop talents by participator in intercollegiate competitions.